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19.8.2023 klo 17:00 19:00

Tapahtumapaikan osoite
KITA kinetic art gallery’s yard, Tokerontie 11 19650 Joutsa
Tapahtuman kuvaus
Welcome to the unique Whisk & Sauna workshop for Travellers, an experience where you can learn the art of making a traditional Finnish sauna whisk!
During the workshop, participants will be guided by an instructor in the craft of making a birch whisk. Participants have the opportunity to experience the steam of a traditional Finnish sauna build under ground and take a refreshing dip in the lake if desired. The workshop includes all the necessary materials for making birch whisk. Participants should have a swim suit and a bath towel. Participants are free to bring some preferred refreshing beverage.

Work Shop languages: English, German and Finnish
The workshop will be hosted by visual artist Mimosa Pale.
More information and work shop fee: Art Center Haihatus web shop https://holvi.com/shop/haihatus/product/1c2767f9fd45cd5fc2c17fcb50d6cc18/
Tapahtuman järjestäjä
Haihatuksen Henki ry