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Welcome to Joutsa – where everything precious is close to you!

Joutsa is a municipality of roughly 4 300 inhabitants. Joutsa is located in the Central Finland, approximately 70 kilometers south of Jyväskylä and 200 km north of Helsinki. Joutsa is easy to access via the road  E75. In Joutsa you can find the perfect combination of local services and pure Finnish nature .

Did you know? There are over 2 500 summer cottages in Joutsa!

The nature in Joutsa is beautiful with it’s rich forests and clear, deep lakes. Actually there are 192 lakes in Joutsa all together! The largest and most famous lakes are Suontee and the great Päijänne. The population doubles during the summer, the good location and the nature have made Joutsa a great place for a summer house. Joutsa is an excellent place for someone wanting to experience pure local living in the heart of Finland.

Did you know? Joutsa takes care of its residents!

Joutsa is a good place to live. There are two centers – Joutsa in the south and Leivonmäki in the north. Joutsa is a good living environment for its inhabitants. We have functional municipal services and versatile private services. The municipality is responsible for organising care for the children and the elderly, health care and other public services like maintaining the library and the sports facilities – just to name few of the services. Private services, like grocery stores, cafés, restaurants, pharmacy, and beauty and welfare services, from hairdressers to physiotherapists, make sure you have all you need.

Did you know? The schools are internationally oriented!

In Joutsa’s center we have a modern school center that facilitates preschool, classes from 1st class to 9th class and even an upper secondary school of our own. In the internationally oriented schools the pupils and students carry out projects, of which they are mainly responsible for themselves.

Did you know? You can use gym and exercise areas for free!

The Joutsa municipality offers a wide range of free time activities. Wether it is sports, culture or handcrafts you like, you discover it in Joutsa.

You can have a try at the pumptrack, play football, floorball, frisbee golf, tennis, ride a horse, go to a gym, swim in lakes or at the public swimming pool or go fishing. During the winter time the municipality opens the tracks for cross country skiing, and the frozen lakes offer the opportunity of skating, ice fishing, and ice swimming.

In Joutsa you can enjoy culture also. For cultural experiences Joutsa has a cinema, concerts, and art exhibitions to offer. Various events are organised in Joutsa throughout the year, for example, you can experience the Joutsan Joutopäivät, a famous local summer festival, the Joutorock and other concerts, sport events, local Christmas market, and many other happenings. You can find more information and the dates on Joutsa’s event calendar (in Finnish) or contact the municipality to hear more about the services and activities in English.

Did you know? In Leivonmäki national park some of the hiking trails are wheelchair and pram accessible!

Leivonmäki national park is a family-friendly location suitable for people of all ages, all year round. Come enjoy the serenity of the nature, hike in the enchanting forests and wild ridges, admire the mires, and have a nourishing picnic at one of the campfire sites. National park provides several activities like geocaching, fishing, birdwatching, canoeing and rowing, biking and swimming. Winter is a magical time to explore the wonderful nature of the park, and you can do it on skis or snowshoes! The park is safe to spent a night at so if you have an adventurous mind pack your sleeping bag and experience a night under the starry skies.

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Welcome to Joutsa – come experience the lively Finnish countryside!